My posts concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is as interesting as spending an evening studying the facial expressions of the Merlion.

“Come on, Danesh, there is so much interesting ‘news’ surrounding the missing aircraft.”

It’s been almost a week since MH370 has gone missing. The lack of information and conflicting reports makes excellent fodder for comedy. It makes even better fodder for conspiracy theories. Best of all, the ground is  fertile for speculation.

But this boring old man simply shared updates from Malaysia Airlines (which I’ve stopped).

While legit news is ok, Comedy, Conspiracy Theories and Speculation are last things family members of those gone missing in MH370 need to hear and read about. They need the truth. As painful as not knowing is, comedy, conspiracy and speculation adds confusion and despair to their already unbearable anxiety.

So I shut up and pray.