Created by Youtuber, Gigawipf.

It’s amazing. With a bit of imagination, you can find cool anywhere. Floppy Disk Drives find a new career aided by a Hard Disk Drive. This is cool.

Mercedes released this chicken:


Jaguar fired back with this:


I think the chicken wins.

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Strategy is sound and messaging is clear. I’d bet that anyone who watches this video will get the message. In case you don’t, I’ll spell it out below the clip.


If any of you didn’t get it, Mike’s in the business of buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs and finally, buying golf clubs.

120,000 views (and counting) in one month ain’t bad.

Oh, did I add that Mike’s Golf Shop buys golf clubs?

Nice diagram from College Humor.


Original source here.

Guys – especially parents, this may be a little old but it’s worth highlighting again. ┬áPlease watch this report from NBC Action News. You may be inadvertently putting yourself and your family at risk.

It’s worth doing a little bit of research and adjusting your phone settings to turn the GPS settings off. It video shows how on the iPhone from about 3m 10s onwards.

If you’re really kiasu about this, turn off location services entires.