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Low Rez, High Rez, Suarez


vennWhy like that?


The Original Iron Chef…. move over Chef Kenichi, Sakai and all the rest.

I love the internet. Anyone with a good idea, talent and effort can put it out there. Then pure democracy kicks in. No need for agents, kow-towing to publishers, etc.

I only wish that everyone will credit the original source of the illustration, writing, picture, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to find the original source but at least credit the last source.

Anyway, I digress to quickly. Like this one. How to properly pet animals. Got it from http://themetapicture.com/how-to-properly-pet-animals


The police were alerted to fowl play in Telor Kurau.  When they arrived at the scene, they were shell-shocked with this eggstrodinary murder that took place in broad daylight near a shell station. Their brains being fried, they scrambled to poach a half-boiled explanation that eggtraterrestrials hatched this terrible coop.

The yolk is heavy on them now to provide an eggsplanation. They do not seem as cracked out as they are made to be.



Technically speaking, not wrong. But a little care would have been in order.

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