Screenshot 2013-12-02 17.27.51I’ve been identified as a foodie. I can understand that. I take lots of pictures of food. But I also take lot of pictures in general.

So, for the record, I’m a Phoodie, not a Foodie. I like taking pictures of food. About half the pictures of food I have taken, I did not eat. While I enjoy food, I’m not the guy who will queue even 5 minutes for the best char kuay teow on the island. 

I appreciate decent food and great service in an ambiance I appreciate. I’ll pay for that. 

Interestingly, a one picture I posted years ago which garnered a lot of likes (crab linguine) was probably the most vile thing I had ever tasted. But the picture looked good.

So yeah, don’t use to my pics as an indication of what’s good. 

I’m a Phoodie, not a Foodie. It’s a photograph. 


(PS I’ve never read the term Phoodie. It may be a first. If it goes viral, remember, it started here first.)



Some of you may have noticed that I’ve started to blog a little bit more. I’ve now added a photoblog.

Why? Facebook and Social Media is getting too cluttered, too messy. While I still see great value in it (hence the share of this post), it’s getting harder to find stuff I’ve posted. So for things I want to find later, thoughts I want to keep, I started to blog.

Same with photographs. Sure, I’ll still have my mobile uploads but for pictures I want to keep and find later, I’ll use Flickr. This new photoblog is something I wanted to do. Check it out. Why did I want to do this? This is why.

Hey Sam. Nice meeting you just now.

You spotted that Lytro well. As I mentioned, it’s day one so I’m still learning the ropes.

My LYTRO Page is here.

You can also find me on my Facebook page where I’ll have more pictures.

Ping me again in a month and I’ll give you the lowdown.

© Danesh Daryanani


Happy Childrens Day, Two Stroke, all children and all adults with a child in us!