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palilogy \puh-LIL-uh-jee\ (noun) – The technique of repeating a word or phrase for emphasis. Also, palillogy.

“In her discussion with her friends, Neha was fond of summing up with a palilogy, concluding that a particular rock star was hot, hot and hot!”

From Greek palillogia recapitulation, equivalent to palin again, back + -logia -logy.

auscultation \o-skuhl-TAY-shuhn\ (noun) – 1 : The act of listening. 2 : The act of listening for sounds made by internal organs, as the heart and lungs, to aid in the diagnosis of certain disorders.

Latin auscultatio, auscultation-, from auscultatus, past participle of auscultare, to listen to.

“After Neha’s doctor performed auscultation with a stethoscope on her head, much to his surprise, he heard a voice of another person living within her brain”.

zugzwang \TSOOK-tsvahng\ (noun) – A position where one is forced to make an undesirable move.

“Aurelie suddenly found herself in zugzwang when the evil dictator asked her how she would prefer to be tortured .”

From German Zugzwang, Zug (move) + Zwang (compulsion, obligation).

obeisance \o-BAY-sans, o-BEE-\ (noun) – 1 : A movement of the body expressing deep respect or deferential courtesy, as before a superior; a bow, curtsy, or other similar gesture. 2: Deference or homage.

“Danesh demonstrated deep obeisance for Gopi’s capacity for alcoholic intake by deferentially declining to spend an evening trying to drink him under the table”.

Middle English obeisaunce, from Old French obeissance, from obeissant, present participle of obeir, to obey.

bijou \BEE-zhoo, bee-ZHOO\ (noun) plural bijoux \-zhoo, -zhooz\ – A small, exquisitely wrought trinket.

“In an attempt to retain her as his fiance, Nikhil surprised her with an unexpected bijou”.

French, from Breton bizou, jeweled ring, from biz, finger.

brodie \BROH-dee\ (noun) – 1 : A daredevil or suicidal jump. 2 : A spectacular failure. 3 : A sudden change in a vehicle's direction.

After Steve Brodie, who claimed to be the first person to survive a dive from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886.

After betting his pants on Serbia-Montenegro winning the FIFA World Cup 2006, Danesh's team did a brodie by going down 6-0 to Argentina.


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