So, this is the concept. Conversations a guy has with his 2-year old are reenacted. The twist. He plays himself but puts his 2-year old’s responses in a mouth of a fully grown man.

Not sure if it’s disturbing or amusing. The jury is out. Need to see more episodes before I decide.




I spent so much of my childhood with him (and Scarry) and I still think he’s genius. Happy Birthday Dr. Suess. Thanks for everything. Here’s a little birthday piece for you 🙂

New day

Good day

Good is day?

Day is good

Bad news

No News

Good News

I like news in bed

I like news in red

Wait? Red news?

Read News

News I read

Read the news

Eating Green Eggs and Ham

With the Cat in the Hat

What’s the news?

There’s a goose on the loose

And a moose in my juice

Happy Birthday Suess.

Happy Birthday Suess!