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It’s not often I would admit liking a rebuke. Last night, I went to a dear friends’ place for dinner. They have 3 kids who are fond of me. I usually see them a few times a year. For a variety of reasons, I apparently hadn’t been over for the whole year.

As always, it was nice to be there. Before dinner, mommy and daddy called upon the 9-year-old daughter to say a prayer before the meal. This is how the prayer went:

Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Uncle DD back after more than a year (emphasis hers, not mine). Thank you for friends and family and this meal. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Ooops. Kena whack. I promised to be a more regular visitor in 2014.

But to be honest, being scolded in prayer never felt so good. Aw.

During dinner, she asked me when I was leaving to make sure I wasn’t going to eat and run. She later on thanked me a few times for coming. Yes, I stayed until after her bedtime. 🙂



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