OK, the reporter should not have made such a mistake. He tried to sheepishly laugh it off and to be fair, he apologised a ton of times. However, Samuel L. Jackson digs his heels deep into this dude and just would not let go.

The reporter tries to move on with, “Let’s now talk about….” but before he could finish, Sam is in there with a “hell, no!” He wasn’t going to let him go easy.

Funny to see but I wouldn’t have wanted to be that reporter.

Updated with the Laurence Fishburne ad that the reporter referred to:


She decided not to go to the party although she wanted to. It was a difficult decision. But she had to make it. The decision, unlike virtual life, was digital. It was either, yes or no. It could not have been maybe.

Maybe would not have worked simply because she would either be at the party or not. So it was digital.

In the analogue world, it would have been easier.

Not in digital.