My posts concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is as interesting as spending an evening studying the facial expressions of the Merlion.

“Come on, Danesh, there is so much interesting ‘news’ surrounding the missing aircraft.”

It’s been almost a week since MH370 has gone missing. The lack of information and conflicting reports makes excellent fodder for comedy. It makes even better fodder for conspiracy theories. Best of all, the ground is  fertile for speculation.

But this boring old man simply shared updates from Malaysia Airlines (which I’ve stopped).

While legit news is ok, Comedy, Conspiracy Theories and Speculation are last things family members of those gone missing in MH370 need to hear and read about. They need the truth. As painful as not knowing is, comedy, conspiracy and speculation adds confusion and despair to their already unbearable anxiety.

So I shut up and pray.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShooting from the hip along Amoy Street one Sunday after church. I’m guessing grandfather and grandson. They were very comfortable with each other. More touching is that they really seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. I never knew my grandparents. I wish I did but I don’t believe in regretting something I didn’t have. You make the best of the cards you’re dealt with.

But still, there is something special here. I like it 🙂

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This was a campaign in Singapore from the 70s and 80s. Now, we have the opposite problem. Too few people having kids. The government’s party line is “have more kids”! They even give out monetary incentives to encourage us.

Playing God is difficult. Some things should be left to Him. In fact, all things should be left to Him.


(c) Danesh Daryanani, August 2009

(c) Danesh Daryanani, August 2009

Today, Suzanne asked me why my niece is nicknamed Two Stroke. I’ve been asked this question soooo many times that I decided to put up a blog post and just refer people to this.

My brother in law is a biker. When my niece was baby (she’s  5 now), according to my brother in law, her wailing sounded very much like a two stroke motorbike engine. So he started calling her “two stroke”. No one thought the name would stick coz it sounded so silly.

Well, as you may have guessed, it did.

So much so that when she was younger, “Two Stroke” was a name more real to her. However, she could not always pronounce two stroke so when asked what her name was, she’d often go “Tuk”. As a result the variations of her nick name are “Tuk”, “Tuk Tuk”, “Tukster”, “Tukky Walla” and of course, “Two Stroke”.

There was once in playschool that the teacher told my sister with genuine concern that she was not responding to her real name. My sister just looked at her and asked the teacher to try “Two Stroke”. Needless to say, my niece responded immediately to her name.

So that is the origin of the nickname Two Stroke.

And this is what a two stroke motorbike engine looks like.

© Danesh Daryanani


Happy Childrens Day, Two Stroke, all children and all adults with a child in us!