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Here’s an useful chart that summarises, very simply, how to use 15 punctuation marks, ordered by difficulty. This was created by Curtis Newbold who runs a blog called The Visual Communication Guy. Nice work, sir.
Download the hi-res version here.


Folks, this is good. Really good. I’ve gotten a slight insight into people with autism through a commission I am working on. People with autism and their families lead lives which are different from what we call mainstream.

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Go to this post by Doug Pedersen. He’s created a series of graphic design art pieces  called “Hindered Thoughts”. This series was built around phrases spoken by his 5 year old son with autism. In his words, “the words are disassembled and rearranged to simulate for the viewer the difficulty an autistic person has putting words together.”

Just like us, people with autism and their families have difficult moments. Sometimes these difficult moments are exacerbated by us not understanding what autism is. So I’m a fan of anything that raises awareness of autism.

In reality, they are just like you and I. We all have our differences.

If you want to know more about autism and support this community, check out St. Andrew’s Autism Centre.

Here are some of the designs by Doug.

Go Outside

Don’t Want to

Put By Sink