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Hi guys – so sorry for the delayed updating but I’ve been really busy. Also, I get updates in various forms (thread on Facebook, emails and sms) so it’s quite hard to collate. Best if you update via the thread on Facebook so it’s all in one place. Make it easier for me.

Well, the good news is this. Everyone is tracking lower than the original weight! Well done, kids 🙂

Down 1kg vis-a-vis original: Dazzle, SL, JNLT, JLA, PCBC

Down 2kg vis-a-vis original: DD

Down 3kg vis-a-vis original: HT

Down 4kg vis-a-vis original: Ka Lok, Mikael (with some external ‘help’)

Well done, all! Don’t get too depressed with not keeping up with Ka Lok and Mikael. They had the highest starting weight 😉 (sorry.. heh).

Anyway, the point is to trend downwards slowly and steadily and not crash diet. So yeah, well done all.

Roland – I’m guessing you’re out of the challenge?

Jac – it was you and I who started this. Update please! 🙂

Tomorrow is weigh in again. Have a great weekend ahead!

Hey guys, so sorry for the late update. Been real busy. Today I was up at 430am and had my first appointment at 630am and just got back 🙂

Anyway, here are the latest weights.

Weight Challenge 2009-10-07 at 22.57.10

All going in the right direction. Well done! Roland has lost the most weight but well, he doesn’t need to lose 7kg and it was a tough week for him last week.

But we also have 1kg drops from HT, Mikael and Ka Lok. Well done 🙂

JNLT – your update please 🙂

Next weigh in is coming up on Friday!

Healthy eating, all.