The papaya was depressed.

He thought to himself that he’d grown up so fast but nothing to show for it.

It’s hard being a papaya. If you think human lives are hectic and stressful, try living the lifespan and the predestinated career and life path of a papaya.

Sure, there are some variations.

Let me give you some of them from the top of my head:

          Rot on a tree

          Ripen on a tree and get eaten by a crow/bat/other random fruit eating bird/animal

          Defiled early and made into a Thai salad

          Plucked upon ripening to be used to tenderize meat

          Used to help homo sapiens have a crap

Yep, the papaya had good reasons to be depressed. He had very good reasons indeed.

Until that is, the papaya met a pair of really, really, cute 5 year old young fraternal twins (a girl and a boy) from a broken family, drunk father with lots of money, a drug addicted mother, and without religion.

The papaya’s perspective changed forever.