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Statement by the Press Secretary on Malaysia’s Elections

On behalf of the President and the people of the United States, we congratulate Prime Minister Najib on his coalition’s victory in Malaysia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday May 5.  We also congratulate the people of Malaysia, who turned out in record numbers to cast their votes, as well as the parties of the opposition coalition on their campaigns, as a vibrant opposition is a foundation of democracy.  We note concerns regarding reported irregularities in the conduct of the election, and believe it is important that Malaysian authorities address concerns that have been raised.  We look forward to the outcome of their investigations.  The United States looks forward to continuing its close cooperation with the government and the people of Malaysia to continue to strengthen democracy, peace, and prosperity in the region.


On Sunday, I met the graffiti in the alley near the bakery. It was a cat. The words beside it read, ‘The cat sees. Everything.’

The parking warden was murdered on Monday. I went back to the alley. The words were there. But the cat; it had moved.

I looked at my shoes and up again. I was sucked into its eyes. But I saw nothing. Nothing at all.

I felt a warm, sweet breath behind my