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Here’s an useful chart that summarises, very simply, how to use 15 punctuation marks, ordered by difficulty. This was created by Curtis Newbold who runs a blog called The Visual Communication Guy. Nice work, sir.
Download the hi-res version here.


I love the internet. Anyone with a good idea, talent and effort can put it out there. Then pure democracy kicks in. No need for agents, kow-towing to publishers, etc.

I only wish that everyone will credit the original source of the illustration, writing, picture, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to find the original source but at least credit the last source.

Anyway, I digress to quickly. Like this one. How to properly pet animals. Got it from


Original Creators: Cam Magee (Original Concept) and Caitlin S Griffin (Design).

Nicely done. Quite fun too. Great for lazy trivia buffs.

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