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Here’s an useful chart that summarises, very simply, how to use 15 punctuation marks, ordered by difficulty. This was created by Curtis Newbold who runs a blog called The Visual Communication Guy. Nice work, sir.
Download the hi-res version here.


Original Creators: Cam Magee (Original Concept) and Caitlin S Griffin (Design).

Nicely done. Quite fun too. Great for lazy trivia buffs.

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So there is this script reader who went through some 300 scripts as part of his job and only “recommended” 8 scripts. This is not meant to be scientific. The creator of this infographic himself said, “I didn’t do this to make any kind of statement about writing; I just thought the information was cool, in a dataisbeautiful kind of way.” You can follow the original post and thread on Reddit here.

Still, I find it interesting and will use it as a checklist – though probably not follow it to the T.