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It’s not often I would admit liking a rebuke. Last night, I went to a dear friends’ place for dinner. They have 3 kids who are fond of me. I usually see them a few times a year. For a variety of reasons, I apparently hadn’t been over for the whole year.

As always, it was nice to be there. Before dinner, mommy and daddy called upon the 9-year-old daughter to say a prayer before the meal. This is how the prayer went:

Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Uncle DD back after more than a year (emphasis hers, not mine). Thank you for friends and family and this meal. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Ooops. Kena whack. I promised to be a more regular visitor in 2014.

But to be honest, being scolded in prayer never felt so good. Aw.

During dinner, she asked me when I was leaving to make sure I wasn’t going to eat and run. She later on thanked me a few times for coming. Yes, I stayed until after her bedtime. 🙂


“I don’t like you”, he said plainly to her.

“But I like you”, she replied, even more plainly.

He looked at her a bit confused. He expected his statement would have elicited a different response. He scrunched his forehead as he racked his brain. Not much happened.

“Why?” he asked.

“You’re handsome”, she said.

He was even more tortured and tormented.

“Uhhh”, he muttered constipatedly as he started to sweat.

“Danny!!! Time to go home!” he heard his mom yell.