The Original Iron Chef…. move over Chef Kenichi, Sakai and all the rest.


Some of you may have seen my previous Penguin vs. Crow photo montage. The last time I was invited to judge the contest. It was a draw. I was invited to judge again. I reluctantly made my way to another hidden location. You see, they have to keep hiding as they are both wanted guys. Hence, only those who are totally trustworthy and discreet get to judge this ongoing feud.

So, again, I went. And guess what? It was a draw again. Even matched, these birds. Ah well, they’ll probably call me back for another round of judging. Hmm. Meanwhile, the saga continues.

Those of you who don’t know the background, here it is:

In the beginning, Penguins and Crows lived in peace across the world. Rookeries of Crows resided harmoniously beside colonies of Penguins, sharing Mother Natures bounty. Then, the humans arrived, and began colonising the lands. The humans spread like a disease, consuming all in their path with a furious hunger, leaving behind less and less for the Kingdom of Animals. At first, Penguins and Crows fought as one against human advance. One storytelling of Crows, made crazy by hunger and starved of wisdom invaded a penguins nest, leaving nothing behind save for a tale of gory murder. The Penguins, wild with rage and with only a hunger for revenge, dispatched a parcel to the Crows, who were already mustering, to exact revenge. Since that fateful day, the fair feathered fraternity of Crows and Penguins have never mended.

Emperors led their Penguins to Antarctica, well below the frigid southern seas, leaving only one colony behind as equatorial emissaries. The Crows, led by Ravens, spread themselves across lands temperate and the warm climes of Asia. For thousands of years, neither colony nor murder have caught glimpse of each other. Until…

Two months ago. A Hooded Crow arrived at Penguin Equatorial HQ, with a message. There was to be a showdown. A simple culinary battle on neutral ground would decide the victor. One afternoon of cooking would decide the fate of all Crows and Penguins. An enmity born over food would finish with a meal.