Sorry. Couldn’t resist the pun. It was there for the taking.

I think it’s ace. Even if you don’t agree, love all.

It was great watching her play. She was really enjoying her game.

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Created by Youtuber, Gigawipf.

It’s amazing. With a bit of imagination, you can find cool anywhere. Floppy Disk Drives find a new career aided by a Hard Disk Drive. This is cool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShooting from the hip along Amoy Street one Sunday after church. I’m guessing grandfather and grandson. They were very comfortable with each other. More touching is that they really seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. I never knew my grandparents. I wish I did but I don’t believe in regretting something I didn’t have. You make the best of the cards you’re dealt with.

But still, there is something special here. I like it 🙂

This story deserves to be shared. And shared widely.

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Wanjun and her husband, who have a five-year-old son with autism, want to thank the couple who paid for their dinner and left a note for them that said, “Special children are born to special people. Have a nice day.”

A couple sent a note to Mr Brown that deserves to be shared widely. It’s about a heartwarming and happy experience they had recently. In gratitude to the anonymous angels, the couple asked Mr. Brown to “help me (them)  put the word out in the online community.”

Kudos to Mr. Brown for doing so. Thank you.

“My family and I had been at the receiving hand of an anonymous sweet act of kindness at dinner earlier today. And I would like to get the word out but unfortunately my husband and I do not have FB (it’s impossible but true).

My husband, my son, a friend and myself had dinner at PS Café at Palais Renaissance today. And this couple paid for our dinner anonymously. We only knew about it when the wait staff came to our table to inform us that the couple had paid for our dinner. They had also left us a note.

The note was written on the serviette of PS Café and it reads “Special children are born to special people. Have a nice day.”

My son is turning five next month and he is autistic. He has a fascination with fans; from ceiling fans to stand fans to wall fans. And PS Café has got ceiling fans and they placed a fan on the floor as well.

It so happened that the couple was sitting near to the fan on the floor and my son was hanging close around their table looking at the fan. My son did not disturb them but as probably already know, he lacks social cues so he did not know that he was standing too close to their table. The couple did look bemused at my son’s fascination and joy in seeing the fan. And I did mouth a sorry to the couple but I am not sure if they saw it.

When the waiter came to inform us of our paid dinner, I was quite shocked. In fact, I thought the waiter wanted to inform us that they would charge us for the water glass my son just broke.

My husband and friend ordered coffee after dinner just to make sure that the bill has truly been paid for. And we really did just pay for coffee only.

I read about a similar thing happening in the US recently and it went viral (this story, I think -mb). But I didn’t expect it to happen in “cold hard Singapore”. And least of all, I did not expect to be at the receiving end of such a random act of kindness.

Like I said, I do not have FB (or Instagram and Twitter) but I really would like to thank this couple. I can try to write to The Straits Times in their forum page but I am not sure if my letter will be selected for publication and of course, not sure if I can really convey my thanks to that couple.

So that’s why I am writing to you right now as you have a super wide reach. Most importantly, I believe you and your wife can understand our predicament; the terrible terrible heartache in our hearts that never goes away.

Most times I comfort/encourage/bluff myself that God sent my son to me because he knows that I am equipped to provide the many assistance that he will need to get on in life.

And when the going gets tough; this little act of kindness is like how the Chinese describes as “sending coal in the midst of a snowstorm”.

So I would really hope you can help me to put the word out in the online community. I will be able to thank the couple, hopefully raise a teeny weeny positive awareness about autism in Singapore and perhaps let Singaporeans know that we are not all that hard and cold a society.

I would also like to let the couple know that I will pay it forward when the opportunity arises.”

This is heartbreaking. I’m not a father but I’m sure most fathers that I know will do the same. Still, it’s heartbreaking. The girl will survive but without her natural parents.

I pray that she has good guardians to shepherd her through life.

Original Article:

TOKYO: A father froze to death while sheltering his nine-year-old daughter from severe weekend blizzards that swept northern Japan, two years after her mother died, reports said Monday.

Mikio Okada died as he tried to protect his only child Natsune against winds of up to 109 kilometres per hour, as temperatures plunged to minus 6 Celsius.

Okada was one of at least nine people killed in a spate of snow-related incidents as blizzards swept across Hokkaido island, police said Monday.

The latest confirmed victim was Kuniko Jingi, 76, who was found lying on the street late Saturday. As with many others, she appeared to have perished after leaving her stranded car, a local police officer said.

Okada’s body was uncovered by rescuers looking for the pair after relatives raised the alarm. Natsune was wearing her father’s jacket and was wrapped in his arms, newspapers and broadcasters said.

The pair had last been heard from at 4pm on Saturday, after fisherman Okada picked his daughter up from a school where she was being looked after while he was at work.

Okada called his relatives to say his truck had become stranded in the driving snow, which was several metres deep in places. He told them he and Natsune would walk the remaining kilometre, the Yomiuri Shimbun said.

The two were found just 300 metres from the truck at 7am on Sunday.

Okada was hunched over his daughter, cradling her in his arms and apparently using his body and a warehouse wall to provide shelter, the Yomiuri said.

He had taken his jacket off to give to the child, a broadcaster said.

Rescuers said she was weeping weakly in his arms, the paper said.

The young girl was taken to hospital where she was found to have no serious injuries. Her father was officially pronounced dead by doctors at the same institution near their home at Yubetsu on Hokkaido.

The Yomiuri said Natsune’s mother had died two years earlier from an unspecified illness.

The paper quoted neighbours as saying Okada had been a doting father who would often delay the start of his working day to enjoy breakfast with his daughter.

His death came as families all over Japan celebrated Girls’ Day, a festival in which they gather at home and decorate houses with dolls.

“He reserved a cake for his only daughter and was looking forward to celebrating Dolls’ Festival together,” a neighbour told the Yomiuri.


Thank you Ima!

So this is the story. UOB had a Bollywood themed staff dinner. I can imagine that would have been quite fun and colourful. However, some of them went further than dressing up in Indian togs – they painted their faces black.

After the party last Friday, they posted the picture above on Facebook. A hullabaloo was raised in the press and online for them being offensive. The bank had to apologize and counsel their staff that was involved in this face-painting exercise.

I’m like, what’s the big deal?

OK, it’s true. I have no idea what these guys are like. But my first reaction was that they were dressing to theme and went one step further by painting their face. I am Indian and we Indians are generally darker than the Chinese. It is what it is.

So, as one Indian Singaporean, if the act was done in the spirit of fun and without any malicious intent, I’m ok with that.

I don’t condone racism as an act of prejudice or discrimination but I wouldn’t want to evolve into a society that can’t have fun. In fact, by being overly cautious, we may actually breed factionalism instead of integration and harmony.

I have a bunch of great friends from different races and we are able to have fun because we don’t take ourselves seriously and we inherently trust the intentions of each member of the group. If we had to err on the side of caution, the relationship will become a little stilted and perhaps at the extreme, we will stick with members of our own races in case we inadvertently offend another.

I can see why this act could have caused offense so I don’t speak on behalf of all Indians. But I want to make it clear that as an individual Indian, I would not take offense if I was at the UOB dinner provided it was done in good fun without any malice.

Let’s celebrate our differences, have fun and not take everything so seriously.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Across cultures, one thing that unites is Love. So let’s celebrate the love and cast aside differences.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Don’t wear a black face 😉