Wanton Mee Uncle - Havelock Road


So, this is a famous Hokkien Mee stall preparing the lard for the hokkien mee.

Lard is fried in a wok to extract the fat from the pork. This fat is used for cooking the hokkien mee. Then remaining crispy pieces of lard are served with the hokkien mee.

Yummy. Doctor say no.


So, for the first time, I get to vote.

I’m not a PAP man. Neither am I an opposition man.

I’ll vote on the basis of perceived merits and what I feel is best for the constituency, the nation and myself – in that order.

However, I already have a dilemma when looking at the PAP candidates for my GRC.

I like S Iswaran. I think he’s a good man and has substance.

I’m not enamoured by Arthur Fong for reasons I shall not elaborate here.

However, I really, really, really don’t want Foo Mee Har in parliament. I really don’t. Really.

So, if I decide to consider PAP, I’ll have to decide whether my desire to have S Iswaran in parliament outweighs my aversion for having Foo Mee Har in parliament.

GRC system is not good. I’m not sure what I’m voting for anymore. I want to vote for individuals based on merit and not a GRC. Isn’t the nation built on the foundation of meritocracy? What formula do I use to vote?