This announcing of Tin Pei Ling as a MP candidate for the People’s Action Party was a very interesting one for me. I have no opinion about Tin Pei Ling. Mainly because apart from watching a short clip and an abbreviated biography of her, I know nothing about what she is capable of. Absolutely zero.

What was interesting is the displaced aggression heaped on her by a vocal minority.

Perhaps it was wrong to field a candidate so young to such an important position. If that is the case, it is not Pei Ling’s fault but the people who had the power to field her. Direct the ranting accordingly.

She will potentially hold a position in a public office. With it, come the scrutiny, the glare and judgment. Potential MPs know this and will have to take it in their stride as part of their job description. I think Wong Kan Seng learned that when Mas Selamat took an extended holiday and George Yeo when he came to the defence of Jack Neo.

But I’m not saying we should defend her. I’m saying, let her do her thing. If she is not elected, people will forget after a while and move on to the next flavour of the hour. If she is elected, evaluate objectively what she has done.

I’d say that’s the mature position. So, let her be and let’s come back to this a year later.