According to NEA the PSI levels hit 95 at 1pm, which is still in the ‘moderate’ level.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.59.56 PM

According to this website,  it’s been unhealthy since yesterday, and it’s gotten worse today.

Perhaps the NEA readings are monitored by Philip Morris or BAT.

According to, unhealthy levels are not defined by ‘Pollutant Standards Index’ based on particulate matter (whatever that is).

Rather it is determined by:

1. Hard to see the next building from your window.

2. You may miss your bus because the number is not visible from 100 metres.

3. You start coughing though you don’t have the flu.

4. Your eyes start stinging a bit.

and the acid test:

5. The haze smell overpowers the smell of cooking bacon (thanks Calvin).

So, you may refer to NEA or consult for more updates.