The yellow marshmallow looked up at the sky.

A crimson breeze whispered.

A purple raindrop hit her eye.

“Oh my”, said the marshmallow,

“I feel like a pie”.

“A pie”?, came a voice.

The yellow marshmallow looked around.

It saw a purple cow.

“Was it you?”, asked the marshmallow.

“Moo”, said the cow.

“Huh”?, said the marshmallow.

“Sorry. No”, said the cow.

“Oh”, said the marshmallow.

“Then who spoke the pie”?

“Not I”, came a voice.

“Moo said that?”, said yep, the purple cow.

“Not I”, said the marshmallow.

There was a whoosh in the sky.

They all looked up.

It was a rainbow. A double rainbow.

A rainbow that ended at their feet.

There was one.

There were two.

There were three.


Three Eggplants at the end of the rainbow.




“Oi”! she shouted at him.

It was a strange way to alert him of the beautiful rainbow.

He looked at her in annoyance.

She decided not to tell him about the rainbow.