Ok guys, will buy you dinner when the money comes in! 🙂 Click image to enlarge.


So today, I get this eDM to “protect my brand” for US$195.

I own a few URLs including www.daneshdaryanani.com as well as this one daneshd.com.

I was annoyed that I could not get http://www.danesh.com – it was taken years ago by an electronics company called, incredibly, Danesh Electronics (nothing to do with me).

I’m not paying US$195 to “protect my brand” nor am I going to start a porn site.

You heard it here first – if someone takes http://www.danesh.xxx, it has nothing absolutely, whatsoever to do with me.

Incredible though, by starting the .xxx domain, they (whoever is behind this) stand to make A LOT of money from brands who want to “protect their brand”. I can imagine companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Qantas, Virgin (OK, maybe not Virgin) rushing to buy these domains at US$195 to “protect their brands”.

Playboy will also probably buy it to “protect their brand” for a different reason.

What a scam.

They should never have released .xxx domain. Serves no good purpose.