On Saturday, I got this email that made me very happy:

Dear Danesh

Thank you for entering your play for consideration to Short+Sweet Singapore 2010. We have now finished assessing the scripts that were submitted for our festival.

We are pleased to let you know that your play The Last Birthday Party has been included in the shortlisted plays.

These shortlisted plays have been sent to our Top40 directors.  They are currently in the process of reading through all the scripts and then selecting their preferred plays.  This process should take around a week. Short+Sweet will then make the final allocation of plays to the directors.

We are aiming to have the season finalised by the end of May. We will be in touch with you again later this month, to let you know if your play has been selected by one of the directors for this year’s Short+Sweet Singapore festival.

Kind regards
Nicole Stinton
Festival Director

I was most pleased to receive it because last year, when I took part with another submission, I did not get past the first round. If I get through the final round, my short play will be produced! I’m so excited and really pray that I will be selected.

Will keep you guys posted. You can read more about Short and Sweet, here.


Monday and Tuesday were bittersweet days for me.

I’ve been asked to work on an interesting assignment which is great.

But I also fell ill last weekend and though I thought I had recovered I had a fairly bad relapse on Monday.

However, I wanted to keep my commitment to the assignment I had committed to and also to meet a friend who was in town from Australia.

On Tuesday, I felt better though after a bit of exercise, it was evident that I hadn’t fully recovered.

It was sweet because it has been an interesting assignment to work on, sweet to meet my friend and sweet for another reason which I don’t care to elaborate.

It was bitter because honestly, I was not feeling great.

But net, net; the sweet far outweighed the bitter. In fact, the bitter sweet got a bit sweeter a little later at night.

I was feeling honestly quite garbagy and though I could have worked on, I went to bed before midnight. After a fairly deep sleep of an hour, I woke up. I went to get a glass of water when I noticed I hadn’t shut down my laptop. And there was a dear friend wanting to chat about something. We did. It was good. So yeah. I stand corrected. It was a sweet day for me.

The sweet far, far outweighed the bitter.

Move over bitter. Sweet, as usual, won. 


Hey, I admit, I may be getting old but this is a really sweet and simple animation. It was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of violent, dark and surreally sinister animations.

It was like “wow”, that’s it? Hmmmm… how sweet. You mean people do this nowadays?

My kudos to Hyun-min Lee