Mr Renganathan was the personal security officer to Singapore’s first foreign minister, Mr S Rajaratnam. He’s retired now. I interviewed him for a book I worked on documenting S Rajaratnam’s life through our first foreign minister’s photography.

The book is called Private Passion.

Mr Renganathan and his wife held Mr Rajaratnam is exceedingly high regard. In a personal tragedy that befell the couple, Mr Rajaratnam stepped in to help in his personal capacity. “He saved my life,” said Mrs Renganathan.

Although Mr Rajaratnam was assigned a personal security officer, he preferred to do things on his own. Not many know that Mr Rajaratnam was an avid photographer and his preferred shopping venue was Cathay Photo. He was very fond of nature as well.

I’ve been very blessed to have met so many people in the numerous books I’ve written. I’d estimate about 50% or less of our conversations make the book. Many times, after we’ve become comfortable with each other, we shoot the breeze and speak “off-the-record” about many things.

And they will remain off-the-record.

It’s my job.


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I’ve been writing for years. I remember journalling from my teens. When I reinvented my career, I supplemented my personal writings with commercial assignments, most of which I have enjoyed. I’ve written narratives, aborted novels, ads, scripts, plays, short stories, poetry, social and political commentary, history, animations, digital books, prayers, all sorts of genres. I do it because I love to write.

I often go back to my past writings. More often than not, I cringe when I read what I had written. Sometimes because my thoughts were immature and sometimes because of basic language and syntax errors I had made.

Sometimes I cringe when I read what I had written because my perspectives have changed so much as I matured that what I felt strongly about, no longer matters to me. Other things have taken greater importance.

Some five to six years ago, I wrote a series of very (very) short stories called “Micro-fiction”. These are stories that are usually less than 200 words. I wrote these to convey a message in an extremely succinct manner. I had intended to compile a series of these, get them illustration and published.

I wrote a piece called The Masquerade Party which I revisited last night. This is one of the rare pieces that I still like very much reading it years after it was written. I edited slightly though, because I didn’t like some of the syntax and spotted an error.

So, here is The Masquerade Party, revisited 2013:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.52.42 am