As part of my informal food critic role, I am posting here what I had for brunch last Saturday. My favourite frog porridge in Singapore! Tiong Shan Eating House in Chinatown. They also serve an excellent Tofu and Raw Fish (Chinese Style). Take a look.

Frog Porridge Sign

I’m quite susceptible to MSG attacks and since I get none here, I can only assume they use very little of it. However, the frog porridge is highly flavoursome and apparently very nutritious too!

Frog Porridge - Before

Frog Porridge - After

Tiong Shan - Tofu

Tiong Shan - Raw Fish

The tofu is oh so silky on the inside which hard to find and the fish is nice and chunky, fresh with a good dose of lime and shallots in oil, absolutely delicious!