If this doesn’t make you smile, you win.

But I’m pretty sure I won.

These guys are infectious. In a good way.

Watch it. Capture the “feel.” Keep it on all weekend.

Have a good one.



Axe has grown up. And I like them.

Strategy is sound and messaging is clear. I’d bet that anyone who watches this video will get the message. In case you don’t, I’ll spell it out below the clip.


If any of you didn’t get it, Mike’s in the business of buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs and finally, buying golf clubs.

120,000 views (and counting) in one month ain’t bad.

Oh, did I add that Mike’s Golf Shop buys golf clubs?

Kong Hee has gone viral. My take? Not enough context and I exercise Matthew 7:1 for myself.

I’m featured at about 30 seconds and then again at about 2m 8s.

The little drawings on the eggs add to the cracking experience. Don’t be shell-shocked.

Now, what is really brilliant for me is a 12 year-old thinking of this idea. Very nice work, young Jeremiah McDonald.