I first heard about this song from my sister (who has a 10 year-old girl) a few¬†months ago. This has apparently gone big among the younger set. It’s also set on fire remakes and parodies. I’m always fascinated by stuff that goes viral (think, Gangnam Style). So, last night, I hustled around YouTube looking at those. Here are my top five favourites.

But first, credit to the original.

Now the covers.
First, probably my fave:

Love the lady’s ring, by the way.

Country Version:

For class:

For Humour:

Finally, coz it’s that time of the year:


I’ve seen a lot of posts that claim that a certain video has “gone viral.”

My question is, who determines when anything has “gone viral?”

Number of views? Over what period? Number of shares? Is the base global? Or within a certain context?

I really want to know.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.53.16 pm

Strategy is sound and messaging is clear. I’d bet that anyone who watches this video will get the message. In case you don’t, I’ll spell it out below the clip.


If any of you didn’t get it, Mike’s in the business of buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs, buying golf clubs and finally, buying golf clubs.

120,000 views (and counting) in one month ain’t bad.

Oh, did I add that Mike’s Golf Shop buys golf clubs?

Brilliant in it’s simplicity and it’s uncharacteristic audacity. Shows stature.