So, this is the concept. Conversations a guy has with his 2-year old are reenacted. The twist. He plays himself but puts his 2-year old’s responses in a mouth of a fully grown man.

Not sure if it’s disturbing or amusing. The jury is out. Need to see more episodes before I decide.




I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to have to be radically different from last year. I learned so much – through the not so good.

But, God is good.

This has been a very interesting decade for me. A lot has happened. In this decade alone I have worked at Nokia, Shell, Samsung and U21Global before venturing out on my own two years ago. I am now involved with two companies, The Write Studio and Shyalala; and potentially starting a third one early in the new decade.

It was also the decade I got married and sadly separated.

It was also the decade I became a Christian after a soul and God searching process that took me 16 years.

There have been lots of highs and a fair amount of lows. The highs sustained me and the lows, I frankly can’t remember. But most of all, this has been a decade of tremendous growth. Tremendous personal growth, that is.

I’m really looking forward to the next decade. This next decade will take me from 45 – 55 years of age. This will be the decade of tremendous productivity, new adventures, fun and even more growth. Not only for myself but to pass it on.

So yeah, I also pray that all of you will have a fabulous decade ahead. I’m sure you’ll have lots of people wishing you happiness, prosperity, wealth and health. For me, I pray for these specific blessings for the new decade:

– It will be a decade of tremendous and life transforming positive personal growth

– That this decade will come with many pleasant, unexpected surprises along the way

– And if you are a Christian, that this decade you grow closer to God and more like Christ Jesus.

So, happy new year and happy new decade everyone! Plunge into it with no fear and fullness of joy!